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    • The Rules

      By entering the PSK-Ts³ I automatically agree with the following rules:

      1. - The server team does not have to justify itself to the users, but the respectful handling is very important to us.

      2. - Attacks against the server, as well as the use of multiple identities, proxy servers, virtual private networks and IP changers are strictly prohibited in any form.

      3. - Harassment of any kind is prohibited. These include e.g. Noise, echoes, spam of any kind or an inappropriate volume. Furthermore, it is prohibited to use a voice distorter or similar.

      4. - All racist, right-wing extremist, sexist and pornographic statements (names, channel names, links, avatars and messages) are prohibited in any way and will not be tolerated.

      5. - Using nametags before the name (eg: [Moderator], (Admin) or {Developer}) is strictly prohibited.

      6. - Advertising in the form of links or IP addresses, be it for a Youtube channel / video, a TeamSpeak server or similar are prohibited without express request. With the permission of the team then allowed to advertise.

      7. - Insults, insults or mobbing is prohibited. It does not matter if it was verbal, written or illustrated.

      8. - The request for rights such as e.g. TS³ Supporter or Moderator is prohibited.

      9. - The faking of well-known persons and / or enterprises is strictly forbidden for legal reasons.

      10. - The giving away / selling / giving away of all things is forbidden.

      11. - Recordings without the consent of all parties are not allowed.

      12. - The playing of music, sounds or the like is only allowed in own channels with the permission of a channel admirer.

      13. - Telefonverarschen of any kind are prohibited and will be severely punished.

      14. - In the absence of more than 30 minutes, use one of the three AFK channels. The channel may be deleted by a team member while trying to keep it up through permanent absence.

      15. - The automated creation of channels through scripts, bots or other is prohibited.

      16. - The exploitation of a Ts³ bug is strictly prohibited.

      17. - Users with Youtuber rank have to call themselves in TeamSpeak according to their channel.

      The team reserves the right to change or supplement the server rules at any time.

      Have fun on our TS3 server - Sincerely, your PSK team

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